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Case ACase BCase C

  • Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2GB. (4GB or 8GB options)
  • Mini-ITX Case Horizontal or Vertical mounting (Three choices)
  • Custom Mounting Bracket and I/O Shield
  • Battery backed Real Time Clock, Temperature Sensor, Power Control & FS LED module!
  • Front button power button under software control including Soft Power OFF!
  • Reset Button (Standard on Cases A, Optional on Cases B & C)
  • Standard: 32GB microSD Card containing RISC OS 5 and local storage
  • Internal 7 Port USB HUB (Included on Pro, Optional on Standard)
  • SSD Storage options (Pro includes 64GB SSD)
  • Rear Ports: 4 USB (3 on Pro), Ethernet, HDMI, Audio
  • Optional extra 2 front USB sockets (included on Pro)
  • Optional extra 2 rear USB sockets
  • PSU (Internal or external depending on case)
  • DVD Drive (Included on Pro, Optional on Standard)

n.b. extra front/rear USB ports come from an internal powered USB hub

Mini-ITX Case Differences: (cases A or B included in the price, Case C £10 extra)
A. LC820: Ext.12V PSU, DVD Drive bay. 206x68x284mm (Ex Demo case)
B. HEC 8K01: 240V input, DVD Drive bay, 268x70x318mm (Refurbished case)
C. MTX007B, 240V input, DVD Drive bay, 221x235x90mm


RaspberryRO 4 259.00* inc. UK Delivery New, higher spec!!

RaspberryRO 4 Pro 375.00* inc. UK Delivery Special offer!

Upgrade to Case C£10£10
Upgrade to Pi 4 4GB£24£12
Upgrade to Pi 4 8GB£42£30
DVD Drive and SATA Interface£49Included
60GB SSD, SATA interface & cable£44Included
120G SSD, SATA interface & cable£69£15
240G SSD, SATA interface & cable£89£35
Internal 7port USB Hub (required for SATA or front/extra rear USB)£20Included
Two front USB sockets£20Included
Two extra rear USB sockets£16£16
Speaker/headphone socket£6.50£6.50
Reset switch (Included with Case A)£6.50£6.50
Speakers from£12£12
USB keyboard & mouse£20£20

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

RaspberryRO stands for ‘Raspberry Pi RISC OS’ and we pronounce it ‘Raspberry roe

*The RaspberryRO 4 is sold by CJE Micro’s. Prices include VAT

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